Put health care in your hands

Help turn a Washington failure into an American success

Another point of discussion for independent-minded Americans is our current system of health care. At the Alliance for Self-Governance, we believe that you, rather than Washington insiders, should make decisions about health care for you and your family.

That’s why we believe in The Health Care Compact. It’s time to put citizens back in control. Our Constitution established a federal government, but with limited and enumerated powers. It also gave the states, or more importantly the people of the states, powers not granted to the federal government. One power that properly belongs at the state level is the power to regulate health care. However, the federal government has preempted state action in this area.

The Health Care Compact is an interstate compact—which is simply an agreement between two or more states that is consented to by Congress. It can restore authority and responsibility for health care regulation to the member states (except for military health care, which will remain federal), would provide the funds to the states to fulfill that responsibility.

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